Welcome at cancertrials.be

Welcome to cancertrials.be, an initiative of the Belgian Society of Medical Oncology v.z.w. (BSMO), joined by the Belgian Hematology Society (BHS).

This website offers both professionals and patients an up-to-date overview of ongoing oncological clinical trials in Belgium.

Cancertrials.be for professionals

This initiative offers professionals an elaborate searching tool giving you a clear overview of clinical trials that are of specific interest for you. This allows you to select the most appropriate clinical study for your patients. Professionals can also upload new clinical trials to the website which will facilitate patient accrual. Furthermore, studies in the database can be updated.

Cancertrials.be for patients

This website allows patients to find more information on clinical trials in general, but also provides information on the reasons why you should participate in a clinical study. Furthermore, the website aims at supporting you in your doctor consultation. In a second step, the website will also allow patients to seek an appropriate clinical study based on their specific clinical presentation.