How to submit or update a trial?

How to submit or update a trial?

Via this page, professionals can submit a new trial to the database. You can only upload trials running in Belgium and that are still recruiting patients. If you have new information on a running clinical trial in the database, you can contact us by email or by filling the contact form. 

Clinical Trial Update Requests

Automatic Inclusion in Databases

All studies registered with are automatically included in the and databases, ensuring comprehensive coverage and accessibility. If not registered with, you can submit a request to add a new trial via the contact form. Important Note: Only material approved by the ethics committee can be published.

Multilingual Support for Patient-Friendly Materials

For materials that have received ethics committee approval in the local language, sponsors may request updates in the following local languages:
  • Dutch
  • German
  • English
  • French
This multilingual support is designed to enhance patient understanding and engagement.

Update Requests Should Come from Sponsors

Only update requests coming from sponsors can be handled. Sponsors can use the submission form below to provide new and improved content. Sponsors can be academic or commercial entities.

Update Requests for Study Sites

If you are affiliated with a site conducting a study and wish to update information, please contact the sponsor directly or use the provided submission form so we can see how to assist you.

Add New Studies

Studies not listed on are still considered for inclusion in the database if approved by the ethics committee. For more information on this process, please contact us.

Types of Update Requests

What Enhancements Can Be Made?

  • Plain Language Summaries: Enhance understanding with summaries that include the study title, a detailed description, objectives, primary and secondary endpoints, and eligibility criteria in local languages.
  • Recruitment Status: Reflect the most current enrollment capabilities with up-to-date recruitment statuses for each site.
  • Site-Specific Contact Information: Provide direct contact details for each site to streamline communication.
  • Principal Investigator Details: List the name and credentials of the principal investigator for authoritative oversight.
  • Ethics Committee-Approved Materials: Submit additional supporting materials that have been approved to complement existing information, such as PDFs.
  • Links to Hospitals or Patient Organizations: Offer direct hyperlinks to participating hospitals or patient organizations for additional support and information.